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Lisa Thomas is running for state senate in the 35th district of Connecticut. She is endorsed by a variety of people who believe that her experience, character, and values will serve our district well in the Senate. If you would like to endorse Lisa, fill out the endorsement form here.

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Letters to the Editor

October 10, 2020


Thomas will support issues that matter

Lisa Thomas is the perfect candidate to represent Connecticut’s 35th Senate District. She has been a teacher for 35 years and served on Coventry Town Council for 11 years.

Thomas has been actively involved in her community in an effort to bring attention to our district, which has been left behind. She will bring a compassion for education, and knowledge and expertise on many issues such as jobs, environment, education and health care.

As a lawyer, Thomas has extensive knowledge about employment law and labor, and a good understanding of policy and the legislative process. She is dedicated to bringing new jobs to our district. She is a strong supporter of small businesses and the use of local resources to strengthen our economy, including small businesses.

I know Thomas will support the issues that matter to people in our district. Unlike current Sen. Dan Champagne, Thomas will support bills that aim at helping people, such as the paid family leave and raising minimum wage.

If you care about the essential needs of our workers and the basic rights of every family in our district, then elect Thomas as the next state senator, because she cares.

Zozan Antar, Vernon

October 9, 2020

Woodstock Villager

Lisa Thomas has my support

To the Editor: I would like to express my support for Lisa Thomas for State Senator for District 35.

As a former student of Lisa’s, I can speak from personal experience about her strength, intelligence, and caring nature. In Lisa’s classes at Hebron Elementary School, she challenged me to think critically and to explore topics, ideas, and books that I had never experienced before.

While she taught in Hebron, Lisa introduced the Future Problem Solving Program, which teaches students critical problem solving and teamwork skills and encourages them to engage with complex social and scientific issues. After getting my start with FPS in sixth grade under Lisa’s coaching, I participated in the program for seven years, and I look back on my experiences as an FPS-er as some of the most formative of my young adulthood. The program taught me how to work with others on a team, how to think creatively and analytically, and how to lead, and it is thanks to Lisa that I had that opportunity.

Today, we face significant challenges: the global pandemic, the ongoing struggle for racial justice, climate change, and many more. We need a State Senator who knows how to solve problems, who is a passionate advocate for education, and who is committed to her community. Lisa Thomas is that person.

Anna Newman, Tolland

October 2, 2020

Norwich Bulletin

Thomas will make excellent state senator

My kids attended good schools with some great teachers. But one teacher stood out ─ Lisa Thomas. Lisa ran the Future Problem Solvers program at Hebron Elementary School. She taught kids how to think critically and to work together when they didn’t all agree. She opened their minds to issues affecting people way beyond their town limits.

Lisa is running to be state senator for Connecticut’s 35th District and has been speaking about issues I care about: improving access to health (and mental health) care, supporting small businesses and promoting economic growth for Eastern Connecticut, preserving natural resources, and providing high quality education for all.

While Lisa has strong beliefs and great ideas, she asks good questions, listens well and works collaboratively to get things done. Her experience as a lawyer, educator and public servant (on the Coventry Town Council for 11 years), will make her an excellent state senator.

Donna Jolly, Hebron

September 25, 2020

Woodstock Villager

Lisa Thomas has my support

To the Editor:
I am supporting Lisa Thomas for State Senate in the 35th District because she has the
experience and commitment to be an active and effective legislator who will make sure the Eastern Connecticut is not forgotten as we rebuild better from this pandemic.

Lisa has served for eleven years on the Coventry Town Council, where she has advocated for the families, workers and small businesses that are the backbone of the community. She has been a special education teacher for 35 years and she has a deep commitment to making sure that all students can succeed.

The 35th State Senate district includes 13 towns – Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Ellington, Hampton, Pomfret, Stafford, Tolland, Union, Vernon, Willington, and Woodstock. Representing all of these towns is quite a challenge, they are a diverse group of rural and suburban towns, with one small city. Lisa’s opponent is the Mayor of Vernon, which seems like his top priority. I would like to have a State Senator who understands the issues facing smaller rural towns and will work to build us up, while preserving our open spaces that we love so much. Lisa has the fresh ideas and energy to do just this. Check out her website at Lisa4EasternCT.com.

Lisa’s calm, clear voice will be a breath of fresh air in politics and she will bring the needs of Eastern Connecticut to state government. I hope you will join me in supporting Lisa Thomas for State Senator!

Susan Eastwood, Ashford

September 11, 2020

Pomfret Villager

Thomas will advocate for our environment

Lisa Thomas, Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 35th State Senate district, is driven to protect all aspects of Eastern Connecticut’s environment. During her time living, raising a family, and serving in Coventry, she has been a problem solver who understands the value of Eastern Connecticut’s natural resources.

Thomas has already led my hometown of Coventry in efforts to increase alternative energy reliance, as well as aided in halting invasive species overgrowth in Coventry Lake. Exemplifying her pride for environmental justice and critical thinking skills,
Thomas holds dearly the creation of the Coventry Lake Advisory and Monitoring Committee, proposed by the Coventry FPSP (Future Problem Solving Program) which she coached.

In addition to her work on Coventry Lake, I am so appreciative of Thomas’s support for the Last Green Valley which spans a majority of the district. As an avid outdoors explorer, I am proud to support a candidate who has our region’s natural rich history and rural landscape in mind. Her support for this non-profit has helped with land conservation, education, land appreciation,
and more!

With Thomas advocating for our region in Hartford, I have no doubt that she will fight for our forests, rivers, and more. It is my hope that others in the district will recognize her passion and how valuable this work is for us, in our rural location with many outdoors loving folks.

Megan Lung, Coventry

September 11, 2020

Pomfret Villager

Lisa Thomas Has My Vote

To the Editor:
I am very excited that Lisa Thomas is the Democratic candidate for State Senator to represent the 13 towns in Eastern Connecticut comprising the 35th District. Having served with her on the Coventry Town Council, I have seen how deeply she cares about her constituents and how responsive she is to their questions and needs.

Lisa is passionate and knowledgeable about issues that she and I share – education, small businesses, environment, our farmers, the elderly, and particularly at this time when we are all so thankful for the dedication of our first responders, I point out her support on the Coventry Town Council for public safety. Always an advocate for our volunteer fire departments, she went into a practice burn with them to learn firsthand the dangers they face. She rode along on the snowplowing route with one of our Public Works employees. She also supported the efforts of
our Police Department to become one of the first in the State to start using body cameras and become CALEA certified. I know she will be a strong and positive voice in the Senate in promoting and influencing these issues and other matters important to the people of
Eastern Connecticut.

Anyone who has worked with Lisa knows the great energy and dedication she brings to whatever program she represents or position she holds. These qualities along with her ability to ably communicate her views, present reasonable arguments, and offer compromises and innovative solutions will not only well serve those of us in Eastern
Connecticut but citizens throughout the State of Connecticut.

I urge you to join with me and vote for Lisa Thomas.

Joan Lewis, Coventry

September 3, 2020


Thomas can find common ground on issues

Connecticut’s 35th Senate District has a terrific candidate for the November election: Lisa Dorfman Thomas.

Thomas brings 11 years of experience serving on Coventry’s Town Council, where she has a well-earned reputation for being a problem solver, working “across the aisle” to get things done.

She is an experienced mediator, able to find the common ground in difficult issues. She works with families and their children to ensure the best possible education for her students. As a lawyer, she knows how to get things done in government.

She will listen to her constituents and work with fellow senators to find solutions to the district’s challenges, including health care and mental health resources, business development, and transportation, all of which suffer in northeastern Connecticut from chronic state underfunding.

Thomas and her husband, Eric, are active with groups such as the Coventry Lake Advisory and Monitoring Committee and The Last Green Valley, protecting the natural resources that support local businesses and enrich the quality of life for all in our region.

I don’t live in the 35th District, but I really hope she is elected. She would be a terrific representative for all of us. Please get to know her at Lisa4easternct.com.

Lilli Rhodes, Hebron

August 29, 2020


Thomas has qualities of a state senator

Dedicated, compassionate, and hardworking — these words describe just some of the vital qualities of Lisa Thomas, candidate for state senator.

Thomas’ qualifications are stellar. A member of the Connecticut Bar Association, she brings valuable knowledge of employment and finance issues facing our state. She has served for years on the Coventry Town Council and finance subcommittee, and her 35-year career as an educator includes a teacher of the tear award from her school.

Thomas has worked tirelessly as an advocate for small businesses, citizens with crumbling foundations, affordable and reliable health care, and protection of natural resources.

Along with her proven experience and expertise, Thomas’ personal character impresses me just as much. She’s a loving mom who raised terrific daughters, a caring teacher who brings out the best in every student, a devoted public servant who works late into the night to address our town’s challenges and seize opportunities to improve our quality of life.

If you have a problem, Thomas not only wants to hear about it, she finds out what she can do to help and does it. Why? She genuinely cares about other people.

As state senator, Thomas will bring this same integrity and compassion to the job. Her energy is incredible, and her passion for our state and region is unstoppable. I’m looking forward to enthusiastically casting my vote for Thomas, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Leslie Johnson, Coventry

August 24, 2020


Writer Backs Thomas

I am writing in support of Lisa Thomas. a Democrat running for state senator for the 35th District.

Thomas exemplifies what I want in a public servant who represents me and this district in Hartford. She is an advocate for the environment and preservation, women’s rights, no excuse absentee balloting, an end of all forms of racism, and a strong scientific approach to the pandemic problems facing our area.

She has the necessary background and experience to be a positive force in this position based on her 11 years on the Coventry Town Council and 35 years as a public school teacher in Hebron and Windsor. Thomas knows the problems our area faces and has the expertise to handle them in an evenhanded way

I ask for your vote for Thomas and progress on Nov. 3.

William Hall, Coventry