Lisa Thomas is an experienced advocate, and she’s prepared to champion Eastern Connecticut’s values.


Lisa Thomas is a public-school teacher of 35 years. She founded the Future Problem Solving Program in her community. Lisa will fight to ensure Eastern Connecticut’s schools are fully funded, attract diverse teachers, administrators, and staff, and that all students can succeed, regardless of their zip code.  Lisa is committed to doing the hard work of achieving equity in our schools.   Lisa believes that we should be strengthening our vocational-agricultural-technical programs in both our high schools and our community colleges.  She knows manufacturing and trade programs are critical to meeting the demands in eastern Connecticut for jobs in these areas.  Lisa also supports developing strong, effective trade apprenticeship programs for students to pursue after high school or college. 


Lisa helped stop Coventry Lake from being overrun by invasive species and successfully led Coventry’s effort to achieve 20% alternative energy reliance by 2020. She will pursue clean, sustainable energy initiatives that address climate change and bring good jobs to the district.   In Hartford, she’ll advocate and form partnerships for Eastern Connecticut’s protected spaces and land conservation. Partnerships like this will benefit Connecticut’s economy as well as bring apprenticeships and job training to our region. Lisa believes that environmental justice is a racial equity issue that must be addressed. She knows that our natural resources are part of what makes Eastern CT a great place to live and to visit.

Women’s Rights

Lisa Thomas is a strong advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health. Lisa supports contraceptive equality and access to women’s health care. She will stand up to any effort to limit women’s access to reproductive services.

Crumbling Foundations

Lisa recognizes that this district has been hit particularly hard by crumbling foundations. She is committed to protecting residents facing this burden, and advocating for state and federal support for impacted homeowners and towns wherever possible.

Put Our District First

Lisa was elected by Democratic and Republican councilors to be Coventry Town Council chair. As a Senator, she’ll continue to work across the aisle to bring healthcare, education, and growth to Eastern Connecticut.


Lisa Thomas wants everyone to have quality, affordable healthcare. Lisa developed a multi-town self-insurance pool that’s dramatically reduced health insurance premiums by tens of thousands of dollars. And in Hartford, she’ll fight to bring healthcare for thousands of more Connecticut citizens.


Lisa is dedicated to bringing jobs to our district. She is committed to supporting small businesses through and after COVID-19, fighting for agriculture producers, and investing in the economic success of our area. She’s a proud supporter of programs like the Eastern CT Manufacturing Pipeline, which provides jobs training to meet the hiring needs of CT’s manufacturers. Lisa believes that her focus on education and economic development will also drive a thriving workforce.


 Lisa supports increasing voters’ ability to cast their ballot in every election, including no-excuse absentee balloting, mail in voting, and early voting.  She believes no one should have to decide between protecting their health and casting their ballot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa supports taking immediate action to expand use of absentee ballots.


Lisa is an advocate for senior citizens and their access to an affordable, quality lifestyle. Developing attractive, affordable senior housing in all of our towns is critical to helping us live out our years in the towns where our friends, family, and neighbors are.   She supports Connecticut’s Medicaid expansion, and has supported local tax relief programs. Lisa believes there must be adequate funding for home health-care workers as well as for safe, welcoming live-in facilities for those who choose them. 

Mental Health

Lisa believes there must be additional funding for mental health care, especially in eastern CT.  The region has some of the highest mental health care needs, yet receives some of the least state funding support.  This is especially important during the current pandemic when people are anxious about their health, employment, education, and limited social opportunities. Lisa will work to bring more mental health care support into the district.

Fiscal Responsibility

Lisa is known for being fiscally responsible. She has served on the Coventry Town Council for 6 terms, including as a member of the Finance Committee. She has consistently advocated for budgets that balance the needs of the community with residents’ ability to pay. Her record includes passing budgets with 0 mill rate increases while maintaining essential services and a school district recognized for its excellence. One of Lisa’s goals is to reexamine how to fund schools with minimal reliance on property taxes.

Racial Justice

As an educator, a resident, and an environmentalist, Lisa has seen that people of color have disparate and inequitable access to services, programs, and resources in this state. Her understandings are informed by her work with the Windham/Willimantic NAACP. Lisa is an outspoken advocate for racial justice, and will bring this perspective to every aspect of her work in Hartford.

Public Safety

Lisa supports community-based policies that improve how we care for those in our communities who are in need. Lisa has voted in favor of  fair police contracts and additional training that will make our communities safer.  She helped make sure that the Coventry police department was one of the first in the state to achieve CALEA accreditation and to use body cameras. She has consistently supported obtaining proper equipment for first responders. Lisa knows that when we make sure our first responders have the resources they need and can hire competitively, we all benefit.

These are just a few of Lisa’s priorities for her time in the Senate. Do you have another issue on your mind that you’d like to share with her?